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Time and environmental elements take a toll on your property.
Remove the dirt, grime, and grease to restore the natural beauty.

J-K Services offers several methods

 of cleaning to allow us to restore most outdoor surfaces.  

Put your trust in a professional, fully insured service. 

State of the Art Equipment

Pressure Wash


Mostly used on hard flat surfaces.  For some applications, we offer a water capture system that can collect up to 75% of the dirty water. 

Ideal surfaces for 

pressure washing are: 

Driveways - Parking lots - Drive-thrus  Wood fences - Wood decks 

Sidewalks - Patios - Pool decks  

For greasy, oily surfaces 200° hot water is added. This is called power washing.  

Ideal surfaces for 

power washing are:  

Mechanic service bays

Industrial equipment

Soft Wash


Low Pressure method using eco-friendly cleaning solutions. This allows the necessary dwell time to remove mildew, mold, algae and other organic matter. The solution is then rinsed away with clean water.

Soft wash kills organic matter spores and ensures a cleaner surface longer than the pressure or power wash methods. Perfect for the lake environment with algae, mold and pollen.  

Ideal surfaces for 

soft washing are:

Stucco - Vinyl siding 

Docks or Slips - Roofs

Natural stone - Wood fences

Brick - Covered Slips 

Window Cleaning


Our service employs the latest technology in window cleaning with Xero Pure Water system. The Xero Pure Water system delivers purified water through a water fed pole, leaving behind clear and spot free windows. 

Interior window cleaning employs the use of the same pure water and specialized microfiber cleaning pads. Not only are windows spotless, but this method is safe for the environment. 

Dock or Slip Cleaning


Constant exposure leads to slimy, dangerous and unattractive docks and slips. 

Our technique kills and removes the organic material while being safe for the environment.  

Gutter Debris Removal


In an area heavily treed, gutters need accumulated  debris emptied on a regular basis to prevent costly backups. 

We remove the debris and can even add guards to prevent the gutters from filling as often.  

Solar Panel Restoration


If you have solar panels, you are already aware of the saving and efficiency they offer. However, keeping them clean is essential for them to work correctly. 

We use the same Xero Pure Water technology on solar panels as we do windows. This allows for effective and safe cleaning  while being environmentally friendly. 


Glass Scratch Removal

The GlassRenu® Scratch Removal System is the industry’s premier, patented solution for removing scratches and acid damage of any size and depth from all types of glass, providing clarity without distortion.

With GlassRenu, we can repair 75%-95% of the glass panels you previously had to replace – in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.


Every washing project is unique due to size of area, type of surface and staining, location and ease of access. Therefore, it is not possible to provide exact pricing on our website.  A free project review and bid is necessary for every job.  

The below prices are for general ballpark figures only. 

Pressure Wash


Driveways, sidewalks and patios are generally .25¢ per square foot for 400- 1,000 square foot. 

  • If the total job is under 400 sq. ft., the price per sq.ft. will raise slightly 
  • If the total job is over 1,000 sq. ft., the price per sq. ft. lowers

If your project requires power washing, the criteria are the same as pressure wash, but the price is .50¢ per square foot.

Soft Wash


Because of the diverse nature of the products being cleaned during a soft wash, there are many variables considered for pricing these projects. Basic ballpark figures are:

  • 1-story buildings under 2,000 sq. ft.  average around $300
  • 2-story buildings under 2,000 sq. ft. average between $400-$500

Window Cleaning


There are many variables for window cleaning. Possible variables for pricing on window cleaning are size of windows, location of those windows, and ease of access to the project. It is highly recommended that we come out to give you a bid, as over-sized or smaller windows can change the price per window. 


  • $4 per window outside
  • $4 per window inside
  • $2 per screen

Our window cleaning minimum is $75.

Dock or Slip Cleaning


These are strictly case-by-case and must be viewed to provide pricing. There are simply too many variables to have an average pricing structure. 

Gutter Debris Removal


Cleaning out gutters averages:

  • $1 per linear foot on the 1st story 
  • $2 per linear foot on the 2nd story 

Installation of gutter guards includes a standard guard for: 

  • $2.50 per linear foot on the 1st story
  • $3 per linear foot on the 2nd story 

Solar Panel Restoration


Unfortunately, this service also requires being seen to give accurate pricing.   


Glass Scratch Removal

Every window or piece of glass has it's own set of challenges. Therefore we must come look at it to determine the price. 

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